Last year(June) I bought new laptop for me – it was Lenovo e540 with core i7. But all the time I had problem (like others Lenovo e540 users) with fan noise. When it started to spin once i was not going to stop even if computer was IDLE. Suspending computer was solution only for couple of seconds after laptop up.

Half a year I was looking for BIOS updates – there were 4 or 5 versions and finally the newest version is the solution. After installing version 2.17 I think it’s working better – yeah fan is turning off again when IDLE 🙂

Bios update tool

You can download BIOS update tool from official Lenovo website

Shame Lenovo, shame…

It’s a shame for Lenovo that it took so long to modify thermal tables and for half a year I was really angry but finally we have solution 🙂

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